ING in Russia

ING in Russia

GIS GMP – mandatory payment order details applicable for private customers

Dear customers! «ING BANK (EURASIA) ZAO» (hereinafter referred to as the «Bank») would like to remind you that according to the requirements stated in the Federal Law № 210-FZ dated July 27, 2010 the Bank reports information about payments in favor of State and Municipal agencies to the State informational system for state and municipal payments (hereinafter referred to as the «GIS GMP»).

The Bank would therefor kindly remind you that for correct processing information about the above mentioned payments by the State Treasury, the following payment details have to be presented in the payment order:

  • INN of the payer
  • INN of the beneficiary
  • KPP of the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary name
  • Account number of the beneficiary
  • BIC of the beneficiary’s bank
  • Payment details
  • Payment amount
  • Payment acceptance date
  • BIC and Account number of the remitter's Bank
  • УИН (Unique charge indentificator)

In case funds are to be credited into budget of Russian Federation, the payment order should also include:

  • RF Bugdet classification code
  • Fields 101, 105-110 of the payment order (as described Order of the Ministry of Finance dd 24 November 2004г. №106n)

In case of information absence in the above-mentioned fields, information about the payment will not be sent to GIS GMP that could lead to non-timely payment identification by State and Municipal agencies. 

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