ING in Russia

ING in Russia

Microprocessor based cards

Modern microprocessor-based cards provide the highest possible data security standard in the payment cards industry.

Chip cards application knowledge

Any time a cardholder would like to make a payment for goods or services with a chip card he needs to enter a PIN code. A result of a transaction made will be confirmed with a transaction receipt (or a payment slip) that will contain a notification saying that “the transaction has been secured with a PIN code”. In this case there is no need for an individual to sign a transaction receipt (a payment slip).

In the meantime, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that some of merchants’ terminals are not configured as chip terminals and hence all transactions may be completed by means of swiping magnetic stripe info, as the chip cards continue to have a magnetic stripe on the backside. In this case a cardholder will be required to sign a transaction receipt (a payment slip) which will be a confirmation of his consent to complete a transaction.

Moreover, even after having entered a PIN code, a cardholder may be asked to sign a transaction receipt (a payment slip) anyway, which can be explained either by the fact that a terminal does not provide a “transaction has been secured with a PIN code” receipt notification or a seller’s professional incompetence.

Entering a PIN code and signing all docs required (a payment slip or an electronic terminal receipt) are mandatory in case an individual would like to complete a cash withdrawal transaction at the bank’s Cash Department.