ING in Russia

ING in Russia

Selected Artworks from the ING Collection at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

The ING art collection represents almost 40 years of corporate growth and vision, and furthermore boasts a number of important works by key Dutch artists. The Group’s corporate collection currently comprises over 15,000 works, which are kept in the company’s offices around the world.


The exhibition the Magic of Dutch Realism features 40 masterpieces at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts from November 11 2013 to 26 January 2014 and has been organized by the Pushkin Museum, ING Art Management and ING Commercial Banking in Russia. The selection will be recounted for the first time in Russia by means, ranging from the fathers of Magic Realism, Carel Willink, Wim Schuhmacher and Dick Ket, to the recent, obsessive self-portraits of Philip Akkerman.

The selection will be represented by pictures by Dutch artists of the 20 th and 21st centuries, who have carried on the national tradition of realistic painting, enriching its language with artistic techniques derived from surrealism. The underlying subject matter of the pictures, which can be notionally described by the term “magic realism”, is built on the use of various allusions and images of the unconscious, with the viewer subconsciously hidden and symbolic subtexts. The combination of traditional imagery and the artist’s search for new means of creative expression in the inner world of the individual is one of the most important and fascinating developments in realistic art in the 20 th century.