ING in Russia

ING in Russia

Financial Markets

Treasury activities principles

Development of Universal Bank Products in Local Markets ING focuses on the universal nature of the bank products offered by its local money market centres all over the world. ING Wholesale Banking clients have the advantage of a wide range of universal instruments designed to perform virtually all corporate finance management and investment tasks. ING Commercial Banking has been keeping pace with the development of the emerging Russian market: the Bank products are swiftly adjusted to keep up with the latest changes in the legal environment and new market opportunities.


Integration of range of bank services into ING global system of services

One of the features of the modern global economy is that some situations cannot be dealt with within the framework of a single local financial market. Such tasks as attracting foreign investments, placing Eurobonds and restructuring debts require both a direct access to and a working experience of operations on international financial markets. ING Group can offer more than professional expertise: it is committed to global standards of client services.


International experience to help perform tasks on local markets

The quality of services on financial markets is first of all determined by the professional standards of decision-makers and the personnel involved in servicing of clients. ING Wholesale Banking maintains strict professional requirements to its employees and attracts leading international and Russian financial markets experts.


Targeting both local and international clients

Each client of ING Wholesale Banking whether Russian or foreign is entitled to the same high quality service. We believe that local banking is impossible without offering quality services to a wide range of leading local businesses. At the same time, international clients of ING Wholesale Banking receive the same high level service in the Treasury in Russia that they are used to worldwide.